Friday, December 5, 2008

Warm & Cozy

Our new windows are in! We now have brand new double-hung, double-pane windows in our living room & front bedroom. Hubba hubba! Though I was a little sad to see our house's original windows get taken out, the sadness lasted only for about a half an hour, only to be replaced by the euphoria of having new non-drafty, energy efficient windows that open (!) and close (!). How novel!
I don't know if it's just my imagination, but the house feels so much warmer & snug. And the windows are just plain lovely to look at too. Very much like the old ones, but without looking like they've been put through a chipper.
I love winter. I can say this from the safety of living in Texas & not having to actually live through a real winter for more than two dozen days a year. It's more of a fantasy for me, but one I revel in. I have a fetish for winter coats like some people have for shoes. And for sheepskin rugs and fireplaces. We've got the rugs, but no fireplace, which makes hanging our Christmas stockings with care feel a little phony bologna. Still, I dream of the perfect fireplace. Like this Josef Albers design I saw in the new Domino:

Photo credit: Josef & Anni Albers Foundation

Isn't it gorgeous? Not that it would go with our house, but with the right house (ranch house?) it would be unstoppable. That combination of planes of stone & wood is so appealing to me. Throw in a few sheepskin rugs & now we're talking.

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