Wednesday, December 3, 2008

This feeling in my belly is satisfaction, pure satisfaction

What a good dinner we had tonight. Such toe-curling satisfaction! Now feeling drowsy-alert and content, through & through, I slip into a pleasant evening: some catching up on the computer & a little book-reading time.

Baby M & I went to Boggy Creek Farm this morning and loaded up on all sorts of goodness: butternut squash, beets, eggs, cheese, lamb & greens, greens, greens. Baby M digs the chicken coop & sand pile. I dig the farm stand & rows and rows of every conceivable shade of green. Such useful beauty.
Photo Via Boggy Creek Farm

Home again with my bags and all inspired, I rolled up my sleeves & got busy. I baked Deborah Madison's Cranberry Bread & also her Provincial Squash Gratin (both from my belovedly worn copy of Vegetarian Cooking For Everyone), Clotilde's Lamb & Prune Meatballs (with black currants standing in for chopped prunes) & a huge salad with a mustardy dressing. Throw in the last of the red wine & voila! I feel like a million bucks.

Oh, and all this with a fresh load of whites billowing on the lines & Baby M's friend K spending the afternoon with us. I was a busy little bee today.

Speaking of laundry on the line, I love these thoughts on the pleasures of hanging out one's laundry. I am trying to think of a decent way to print this out (or paint?) to have it near our washing machine to see, be reminded & bccome aware again. Not that I need to be reminded, per se. For me, the happy sight of rows of clean clothes & linens undulating on a line is almost eclipsed by the anticipation of a restocked wardrobe and crisp, fresh sheets waiting for bedtime.

Today, the pleasures do not stop rolling in.

Photo Via MontanaRaven

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