Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Clever Tree

Lookie, lookie! Isn't this clever?

(from All the Luck in the World via Hidden in France via the resourceful KMcE)

A flat Christmas tree made with "useless but pretty" odds and ends she has collected over time. So nice for a small space. Or entry. Or hallway. Or...
I don't know if it would be a satisfying replacement for a real tree. I would miss the smell and the depth. I also have a strong distaste for putting holes in my walls. Could this be done as successfully with cork or pegboard? Doubtful. Anybody have any ideas?


  1. I'm thinking of a corner tree with a bit of 3-dimensionality? Then we would get 1/4 the tree bulk and fill up a dead corner. It's ridiculous that I'm Christmased out and already thinking of next year...

  2. Where did you find an iron THAT BIG to trace it out? And HOW were you able to hold it in place and trace all around it?