Monday, March 30, 2009

Spending Freeze: Week 11

Ah, this interminable spending freeze is almost over. I have only one week left. A mere seven days. I wish I could say it has gone by more quickly than I had ever imagined, but I can't say that's true. I also, oddly enough, can't say that I have spent any less these past three months than in the past. Part of that has to do with us taking a couple of trips, some assorted car repairs & the usual house & garden whathaveyous. Part of that also has to do with the simple fact that 'spending freeze' is not a very good description for this exercise. We could spend, of course, one must, but the trick was to eliminate unnecessary purchases & to buy used goods, or better yet, to make do whenever possible.

To that end, I think this experience has been very positive. I really learned a thing or two about thinking before bringing anything new into our lives/home & also learned a very uncomfortable lesson about how much a part of my life those unnecessary purchases had become. I'm remembering one particular weekend, a few weeks in, when I was feverishly scanning the classifieds for estate sale listings. Surely, there must be one! Even a bad one will do! There was something lurking behind it all that seemed so low & desperate to me, I felt ashamed. I think that was my big detox weekend. I did find an estate sale after all, but it wasn't a good one and there was no joy in it.

After that, I got more into the stride. Our weekends were spent in the parks, at the creeks, puttering in our yard, meeting friends, reading books, & building things with our hands. I say, more of that, please!

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