Sunday, March 8, 2009


So, our good friends & neighbors challenged us to a date-off this weekend: who will have the most creative night out on the town?

We went with a Texas-theme & scrambled to hit as many stops as possible.

First stop was at Academy Sports to pick up some fishing line & sinkers. Then on to get some top-notch truck stop barbecue (Rudy's).
Photo via m.chiuuu photostream

Then we drove through the hills of West Austin, over the Pennebacker Bridge, parked the car & hiked up the top of the bluffs overlooking Lake Austin & watched the stars & the blinking lights of the radiotowers & city below us.
photo via fattytuna photostream

Thirsty, we headed off to Deep Eddy Cabaret for some Lone Star Beer, a game of pool & the best jukebox in town.
Photo via Jacob Cuthbertson's photostream
We wrapped up the night be walking down from Deep Eddy Cabaret to a small dock on the water's edge for a little late night fishing. We came away empty handed, but happy, as we held hands, walking back to the car, the moon bright above our heads and the trees rustling in the gusty wind.
I wonder what our friends ended up doing for their night out...

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