Friday, March 6, 2009

Runway at Night

One of my absolute favorite places in this world is a runway at night. I love the rows & rows of tiny colored lights heading off at all kinds of odd angles in the absolute blackness of space. I love watching the bottom-lit planes taking off and landing. I love the excitement of a journey about to begin and the anticipation of smiles, hugs & homecomings.

Recently, I was stuck on a plane, waiting for clearance to take off. And waiting. And waiting. But I did not mind. I was glued to the window, fogging up the glass & taking it all in. I tried to take pictures, but the lights were too small, the space too immense. I played around with the settings and then finally, I think I got it right. It does not look exactly like what's on the ground, but the feeling is just right.

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