Saturday, January 17, 2009

Studio dreams

my office
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One of my big goals this year is to carve out a little workspace/studio space that is just for me. Ultimately, I dream of this being a little space on its own with lots of windows & wonderful light, storage to keep my materials tidy & in one location, and to have a board to pin up ideas & inspirations.

With lighting like this, possibly?All images are out of my league and from YLighting

Until that day happens, I think if we move our bed & nightstands to the other wall, enough space will be opened up in the far corner to attach a small shelf to the wall for my sewing machine. I can use the bed to lay out my cutting board & fabrics. Also the light is wonderful in that room, which is an added plus. But really, all I really want is a permanent place for the sewing machine (currently kept on the top shelf of Baby M's bookcase) and a quiet place to work.

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