Monday, January 19, 2009

Spending Freeze: Week One

Ah, the end of Week One of the Spending Freeze. All in all, it went well. Of course, I had to get groceries & the usual bits & ends, but as we are heading out of town soon to visit R's parents in snow-dusted Pennsylvania, our needs this week were a little unusual.

Baby M needs new shoes in a bigger size, so I picked up a pair of (new) warm boots boots for our upcoming sledding adventures & walks in the woods. I also got her a warm pullover, navy corduroy pants & a warm (& austerely stylin') tunic dress that will be nice to layer over long pants. All of these last things I was able to find used at a nearby consignment store. I did not get her this dress. Or this sweater. Or this suitcase.

One thing I am proud of is that we have been eating very well. No eating out and no unnecessary convenience foods. We made every single meal at home and from scratch... except... On Sunday, I picked up my camera, a good book & headed out into the springlike weather for a good old fashioned ramble. I walked (Alone! And without pushing a stroller!) over to Enoteca, took a seat at the bar & then got busy taking my sweet time enjoying a little reading, a mocha & a blood orange tart. That was the only purchase. I also checked out the goods here and here & this incredible looking new hotel, but didn't buy anything, or book myself into a $450! poolside bungalow. (Wha??)

I did come home with a haunting memory of that out of the world tart, a bounce in my steps, and a few photos.


  1. Nice work on the no-buy on non-essentials. Just visiting to give a little moral support ;)

  2. Oh I just love the leaf in the pile of wood, photo. Nice work and good job on the buying freeze.