Thursday, November 20, 2008

Catching Fireflies

Image via Jamelah

When I was a young girl growing up in North Texas, one of my absolute favorite parts of our very long summer was running around in the darkening twilight chasing fireflies. You would see one start its slow blink and take off racing in that direction, only for it to fade away, leaving you skidding & digging your sneakers into the grass as you look & look, searching in the fading light, only to get distracted again, this time by several more winks of light in the opposite direction. If I was lucky, I was able to time it right, reach out & scoop up a firefly ever so gently in the cup of my hand. I would open up my hand a crack & peer at the greenish light filling up my palm. When I was satisfied, I would flatten my hand out again & let the firefly go.

Sometimes, though, I would bring out a jar from the kitchen & see how many fireflies I could catch. My brother, I and the other neighborhood kids would see who could catch the most. Before getting called in to teethbrushing, pyjamas & bedtime, we would open up the lids & the jars would slowly empty out again.

I think for me, this blog is a way for me to capture all of the wonderful flashes of light (of inspiration, of the magic of everyday) and keep them close to me until I decide to let it go again and dissolve into air.

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