Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mother Earth and Her Children

Somehow, M found this misshelved & lost book in the children's book stacks at the library. I'm glad she did. Everytime we settle down to read it before nap time, I get so lost in all the pictures... we both do.
The illustrations in this book are actually details of a single quilt created by Sieglinde Schoen-Smith. It's amazing for me to think that someone could make this by hand out of simple cloth & thread.

Illustrated/quilted by Sieglinde Schoen-Smith from a poem/book long-ago written by Sibylle von Olfers and translated by Jack Zipes
Schoen-Smith's design was inspired by the original 1906 illustrations by the author, Sibylle von Olfers. Very lovely too. You can view a complete digital copy of her book here.

Image above via Stadtmuseum Esslingen

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