Monday, April 6, 2009

Hungry heart, no more

My heart is full. We had the lucky, lucky chance of getting to see Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band last night, and man, but they hold nothing back. I am out of words.

Will I have that kind of spirit, when I'm that age?

Images via Racing Squirrel and Mark Reuben Gallery


  1. oh man, I have such a big crush on springsteen. those jeans and white shirts. my heart melts.

    ps: I went to a John Kerry Rally in ohio during the 2004 election and was taken back by bruce. He spoke before Kerry and blew the crowd away. Kerry sucked in comparison. I mean, we all didn't want Kerry to lose against bush, but the crowd silenty wished bruce would continue speaking and for kerry to just disappear. haha!


  2. I heard he was touring and it took me back my high school days when I listened to Born in the USA over and over again. And sang along loudly, of course! What a great album. I love his newer recordings too. Anything by him I love, love, love. That voice is so cool....thanks for sharing....

    love your blog btw - you inspire me.

  3. Wow, that's very lucky for you! We've just been listening to him and all his old albums for weeks here... (my boyfriend's a really big fan) I think myy current favorite album is Nebraska... but I also learn to appreciate the rougher parts of his music!

  4. Nebraska is my long-time favorite too. That song 'Highway Patrolman' just kills me. When we heard that Sean Penn had directed an entire movie (The Indian Runner) based on that song, we went out & rented it immediately. It wasn't bad, either.