Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Let the good times roll

Look what my talented husband built us this past weekend:
A sandbox on wheels! Isn't it lovely?


  1. hi there - i found your pictures via a google search, and i am wondering what he used as the bottom of the sandbox? was it plywood? or something else? i want to make one on wheels also, but i'm worried that a plywood base will rot or warp. any advice is welcome!

    1. We used wooden boards to form the bottom & then stapled a liner of weed barrier cloth over it. We opted for the boards over plywood, because we wanted to make sure that excess rainwater could run out through the gaps between the boards. The weed barrier cloth keeps the sand from falling through the slats with the rainwater. Since this post, we have added a pair of smoothly sanded seats to two of the corners. These are simply boards mounted diagonally across a corner of the box. The girls love this addition & I highly recommend it. It makes nice seating & a good place to place sand tarts & mudpies. Full disclosure, though: this thing is HEAVY. The wheels are cool and all, but we have ours on the ground & I don't think we could move it if we tried. The wheels would surely work better if this were on pavement or on a wooden deck, or something. Good luck with your sandbox!